Cook is becoming a very large employment category in Canada. Restaurants and hotels are a fast-growing industry in the country. The number of job opportunities in this sector is also increasing.  The prospects for cooks are looking positive in the nearer future.

In Canada Permanent Residency Programs, Cook’s NOC is 6322. There are various factors which contribute to the growth of prospects for cooks:

  • Growing job openings for Cook.
  • Fast-food outlets are growing in Canada. They are the largest employer.
  • Provides seminars, workshops, etc. to train learning cooks.
  • High demand for well-trained cooks.

Hired cooks have to prepare a wide variety of foods depending on the needs of the employer. Cooks usually gets hired in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and other establishments.

Cooks have to perform many duties during their job. some of them can be:

  • Prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes and foods,
  • Oversee kitchen operations,
  • Schedule and supervise kitchen helpers, etc.

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